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Strategic Performance Management

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VAST-TRANS:Company Profile

VAST-TRANS - is one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Ukraine. Starting in 1992 with only three trucks, it now operates over 100 Mercedes trucks providing services to clients across Europe, ex-Soviet Countries in Central Asia, and China. It provides transport and logistics services for major international clients in 20 countries and has the ability to carry goods ranging from perishable agricultural produce in refrigerated trucks, dangerous cargoes in specialised containers to high-tech cargoes such as integrated circuits and other high-value goods. As a result of its activities over the last 23 years, it has built up an extensive network of clients, partners and contacts in Ukraine and the other countries in which it operates. These contacts work in many different sectors and have many different areas of expertise. Although international transport-related services remain the core business, VAST-TRANS has diversified into other areas. It works with its clients as partners to develop new products and services in their sectors of business for potential application and sale in Ukrainian markets.

SPM-DEE: Company Profile

SPM-DEE Ltd is a UK based Management Consultancy offering a wide range of experience and expertise through a comprehensive network of international consultants. SPM-DEE works in partnership with VAST-TRANS and through SPM provides management support services both internally and to existing customers in their particular areas of activity. SPM leverages the experience of SPM-DEE’s consultant network through the wide range of expertise developed within the VAST-TRANS customer base; capitalising on this experience to provide a range of novel services to external clients. In particular, we can help international companies seeking to enter the Ukrainian market or undertake projects in many sectors of the Ukraine.


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Areas of Expertise including but not limited to:

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